Digno – Profile

The word DIGNO arrived from Spanish, meaning WORTHY and we stand to our commitment towards our quality and relationship with our customers across the globe. Our logo reflects two colors where BLUE symbolizes Trust, Loyalty, Confidence and Intelligence where the color RED gives us the strength and power to fulfill our commitments, “On Time – Every Time”.

Based on sound human values and principles, following ethical practices and by using state-of-the-art technology today Digno has pioneered and created a niche for itself by giving customers the highest quality writing instruments, GLOBALLY!

Quality has always been our top most priority. Quality, which has boiled down from continuous innovation, tireless research and development and by analyzing worldwide trends in writing technology. It’s our hunger for quality that has brought us to where we are today.

Continuous development towards Smooth Flow is our writing technology that’s superior anywhere in the world, trust us to get it for you. Our Planning & Development team’s proficiency and creativity results in utilizing the resources in conjunction with the continuous upgrading technology.

Digno’s first look gives a true reflection of stunning body styling, impeccable finish, user-friendly features and of course, smooth writing. Call it an obsession but we at Digno Pens are rather obsessed about finer details. From analyzing the market conditions to introducing the latest trends, from sourcing the right kind of raw materials to getting the exact shade on the clip of a particular model of pen – we must get it right each time.

Digno Team: The Strength we thrive on!

Digno is driven by a dedicated team of professionals at its production facilities as well as at corporate office. Our team is indeed our biggest asset!
Our Human Resources function looks at the selection, engagement, training and growth of our employees. Our higher management has always believed in the development of our employees. We have practiced a culture of nurturing and encouraging our employees through on-the-job learning and exposing them to higher responsibilities, and this has led to excellent growth paths for our team members.


AIC is renowned and trusted for its high-quality products. Everyone right from Management to Production & QC personnel are committed to consistently deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed customer specifications.
In order to achieve consistent quality round the year, we have instituted a simple, rigorous and effective QC system which basically consists of testing at 3 stages as given below.

Our skilled quality team ensures not only raw material and finished-goods testing, but also continuous in-process testing as well to make sure we get the product right – at the first sight!

Quality Policy

We are committed to exceed consumer expectations so as to build Digno brand by focusing on quality pens that are absolutely easy to use.

In this endeavor we shall:

  • Clearly understand and accurately internalize customer requirement in order to improve fill rates, product quality rating with timely and accurate delivery.
  • Empower and Motivate people to improve morale and reduce attrition.
  • Demonstrate commitment to improve plant throughput and people productivity.
  • Strive continually to reduce operating cost.
  • Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirement in letter as well as spirit.
  • Align with its Context, Strategic Direction and Purpose so as to Achieve leadership position in Writing industry.


Our facilities are certified for ISO 9001:2008 to consistently deliver high-quality products that meet or exceed customer specifications.
ISO 9001:2008

Why Digno


We shall establish Digno brand, create state-of-the-art infrastructure and pursue ever improving performance in designing, manufacturing, assembling, packing, handling and delivering pens through.







ELEGANT writing delivered

E – Establish Digno brand World wide with superior design and writing quality performance.

L – Leverage best manufacturing practices to deliver customer delight.

E – Enhance pen designs through innovation to deliver variety and consistent quality.

G – Generate ideas at grass roots to resolve day to day issues and problems.

A – Apply proactive measures to improve plant throughout and people productivity.

N – Nurture talent and empower employees, service providers and vendors.

T – Train people and implement ideas to improve business efficiency.